Embroidery Design Digitizing

We can start with a sketch, develop the design into a clean image, then convert that image into a custom digitized embroidery design to meet your needs!

Send us a graphic file and see for yourself !

Digitizing Service

Digitizing Service

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There is no charge for any reasonable alteration to the original design prior to your purchase and download.  However, if you do not provide a clear/sharp image, there will be an additional fee for recreating your image.  (See Samples Below)

Needs To Be Re-Created

   Ready for Conversion to Embroidery Design

Needs to be recreated
Ready for conversion
to embroidery design

Note: All prices in US Dollars
Embroidery Design Machine Format

All embroidery designs are available in one of 11 machine formats listed within the description of each design.  However, if your format is not listed, please send us a note using the Contact Us page, and we will do our best to meet your need!
Finger Spelling

Finger Spelling

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Finger Spelling - AFinger Spelling - A
Finger Spelling - BFinger Spelling - B
Finger Spelling - CFinger Spelling - C
Finger Spelling - DFinger Spelling - D
Finger Spelling - EFinger Spelling - E
Finger Spelling - FFinger Spelling - F
Finger Spelling - GFinger Spelling - G
Finger Spelling - HFinger Spelling - H
Finger Spelling - IFinger Spelling - I
Finger Spelling - JFinger Spelling - J
Finger Spelling - KFinger Spelling - K
Finger Spelling - LFinger Spelling - L
Finger Spelling - MFinger Spelling - M
Finger Spelling - NFinger Spelling - N
Finger Spelling - OFinger Spelling - O
Finger Spelling - PFinger Spelling - P
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Alpha Sampler

Alpha Sampler

Sort By:
Alpha Sampler - AAlpha Sampler - A
Alpha Sampler - BAlpha Sampler - B
Alpha Sampler - CAlpha Sampler - C
Alpha Sampler - DAlpha Sampler - D
Alpha Sampler - EAlpha Sampler - E
Alpha Sampler - FAlpha Sampler - F
Alpha Sampler - GAlpha Sampler - G
Alpha Sampler - HAlpha Sampler - H
Alpha Sampler - IAlpha Sampler - I
Alpha Sampler - JAlpha Sampler - J
Alpha Sampler - KAlpha Sampler - K
Alpha Sampler - LAlpha Sampler - L
Alpha Sampler - MAlpha Sampler - M
Alpha Sampler - NAlpha Sampler - N
Alpha Sampler - OAlpha Sampler - O
Alpha Sampler - PAlpha Sampler - P
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